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Timber or Composite Decking?

Timber or Composite Decking?

Choosing between Hardwood and treated pine


Depending on your budget, both types of timber are durable and has a long life expectancy. Though hardwood is known for its popularity in looks and sustaining the test of time in terms of non-twisting properties. Treated pine, on the other hand is a newer product compared to hardwood. Though less attractive but is relatively cheaper and is treated against rot, insects, twisting and expansion capabilities. All in all, any types of deck not sheltered and in direct sunlight will deteriorate at a much faster rate than that of the ones under pergolas, patios, awnings etc….

Composite timber?

It has becoming more commonly considered in recent years to use composite timber.
Why? Not only the material is designed resistance against all types of decay, it’s performance with respect to strength, resistance to heat, moisture and wear is of the highest quality!
The overall appearance is also exceptional as a “clipping” system are used instead of screws and nails.
However, composite timbers are considerably higher priced then that of the tradition hardwood or pine and is limited in terms of types and colour.

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